New York Waterfront Photos

Artist's Statement

Before 1970 I didn't consider myself a "serious" photographer. What changed all that was moving to the West Village and living within a block of the Hudson River piers. I began making a series of images documenting the decline of the waterfront and the changes in the area. In the 46 years I've lived on West Street, my camera has captured demolition and rebirth of the piers. The elevated West Side Highway was removed, Hudson River Park replaced the derelict piers, and recently, the Highline became a tourist destination.

People sometimes ask me, Do you miss the old waterfront; do you like the new park? The answer to both of those questions is "Yes and No". New York is a dynamic, ever-changing city. There's no going back, but I am grateful to have these images, these memories of my early photographic work. I'm still going out to the river with my camera, finding the harbor as full of action and color as ever.

Shelley Seccombe, 2016